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Bloomberg TV Mongolia‘s Job

  1. Made in Mongolia TV Production – Gobi Cashmere
  2. Location TV Production – River Garden Residence
  3. Оюу толгой тооны хэлээр – Oyu Tolgoi in Numbers
  4. Үл хөдлөх хөрөнгийн зах зээлийн талаарх багц мэдээ – Mongolian Real Estate Market
  5. Mirai could be better than Prius? – From Toyota’s Showroom, Japan
  6. About Mongolian Beverage Market – From Vitafit LLC
  7. Spike industry – GBZL
  8. Interview with Prophecy Coal Corp. CEO John Lee on BTM
  9. Mongolian Soap market 
  10. Mongolian Construction Market
  11. Cement Factory – Hutul
  12. Day Care Service
  13. Interview with Mongolian President Elbegdorj.Ts

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