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Mongolia’s first oil refinery goes under construction

BEIJING, Jun 23 — Wearing white gloves and wielding two pairs of scissors, Mongolia Prime Minister Khurelsukh Ukhnaa and Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh on June 22, 2018, literally cut a strip of red tape, a move intended to symbolize Mongolia’s first oil refinery to launch its construction. Numerous people gathered to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of a long-awaited project with the help of a USD 1 billion loan from India at Altanshiree soum, Dornogobi province, Mongolia.

“Mongolia as an important strategic partner,” Indian Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh pointed out. “India wants to realize the huge potential of bilateral relations with Mongolia” he added. In a moment rich with pomp and symbolistics, Khurelsukh Ukhnaa emphasized the importance of the project and proudly proclaimed his decision was “historic”. This word implicates that his effort to accomplish for a tricky task to end the country’s dependence on Russia fuel.

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Landlocked Mongolia welcomed by Caofeidian to turn into land-linked

CAOFEIDIAN, April 30 [MONTSAME] – The port of Caofeidian (曹妃甸), once claimed as a ghost city in northern China, is on the way to become an international hub to take advantages of the “Belt and Road” initiative to connect between Central Asia and Europe by its superior geographical location. On April 26, Caofeidian  industrial zone’s promotion conference was attracted nearly 400 merchants, investors and local authorities from China, Mongolia, Japan and South Africa at Hebei province.

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Xi, Putin and Battulga meet in June, Qingdao

BEIJING(Naanga) —  China and Mongolia agreed to integrate the Belt and Road Initiative and Mongolia’s Development Road (formerly Prairie Road) program, according to the Xinhua Agency’s report.

China will take advantage of the essential opportunities brought by the linking of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Mongolia’s Development Road initiative to expand cooperation in various fields and people-to-people exchange, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday(Apr 10).

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Photo Gallery of wonderful lakes

The traditional stones of pyramid folded on the shore of lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. Photo by Naanga

Lake Baikal, etymologically meaning, in Mongolian, “the Nature Lake”, is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing 22–23% of the world’s fresh surface water. Nicknamed as “Pearl of Siberia”. Lake Baikal is attracting tourists all around the world. According to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, 145 thousand foreign tourists visited Irkutsk and Lake Baikal in 2014. There is a tradition of tourists, they folded stones on the shore of Lake Baikal. Pyramid of stones on the shore is a common thing on Lake Baikal shore. Continue reading Photo Gallery of wonderful lakes

Lake Baikal – Inner Peace

Нуурын эрэг дээрх намуухан усны долгио, хараа үл хүрэм тэр нэгэн алс хязгаар, дотоод амар амгаланг эндээс л би мэдэрч, аялалын амтанд эргэлт буцалтгүйгээр шунан дурласан билээ. Амраг хайртаа аялалаар сольж, өөртөө олгох хамгийн том шагнал минь аялал байж, жилд заавал хамгийн багадаа нэг удаа хаа нэгэн шинэ орон зайг өөртөө нээх тэр нэгэн андгайг анд найзынхаа хамтаар ариун тунгалаг Байгал нуурын эрэгт үлдээгээд эх нутаг өөд буцсан даа. 

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