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Interview: My passion about journalism

GBJ students come from every continent (Antarctica excepted) – More than 60 countries in the program’s first decade. For a new Q&A series, we’ll ask different ones about what drew them to the media industry, journalism in their home countries, and how they’ll use skills they learn at Tsinghua to shape the future of news.

Narantungalag Enkhtur, 26, is a first-year student in the GBJ program from Mongolia. She grew up near where the Gobi Desert meets the Altai Mountains and worked several jobs in the Mongolian journalism industry – for radio, print, television, and online outlets, including Bloomberg TV Mongolia – before moving to Beijing last year. She studied Chinese at Beijing Normal University prior to enrolling at Tsinghua University.

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Are we asking the right questions?

Nov. 1, 2017, 09:07 AM | Clyde RUSSELL

LONDON, Nov. 1 (Reuters): “The overall picture is that China’s BRI is still largely a conceptual exercise, rather than a physical reality.” according to Reuter report. It might be the right time to think it over… Belt and Road! Only that word can attract all eyes on China. The mass of the forum, which related to China, is trying to draw in ”Belt and Road”. In this week, for instance, “Belt and Road Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs” forum held in Kathmandu, Nepal, also #BRI is the hot topic during the London Metal Exchange Week, and mining conference in Melbourne too. Are we asking the right questions?

Naanga contributed to this report.