Narantungalag Enkhtur (Naanga) earned her undergraduate degree at National University of Mongolia. In 2016, during the Mongolian Parliament Elections, she was a PR group member of Mongolian People Party (MPP), the oldest, governing party now, similar to Communist Party in China. Her team implemented the first experiment called as 3D magazine in Mongolia.

Naanga spent almost a decade working in a media sector from local radio station to Bloomberg branch, covering several international and domestic biggest issues in the field, talk with Mongolian President Elbegdorj Tsakhia, Speaker Enkhbold Zandaakhuu, Prime Minister Altankhuyag Norov, Australian Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and Canadian Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver. Previously, she had been worked as an anchor and reporter at Bloomberg TV Mongolia for four years. In 2012, she was a fellow in AusAid Australian Leadership Awards on Media, Mining and Communities at Queensland University in Australia organised by Asia Pacific Journalism Center. She is a pioneer of Media Council in Mongolia under cooperation with European Journalism Center and Mongolian Press Institute.

Her research interest is New media, Data Journalism, Multimedia and Mobile Journalism. As a result of a new wave of technologies and internet, journalists have confronted a huge demand of learning for the new media things, if not they might be left someone who just writes and speak. So for that reason and based on her experience, she has the ambition to build an app which makes journalists’ work easier, suppose to help her counterparts to develop their new media skills. She believes that only highly educated and professional journalists can be driving our society being more transparent and prosperous.

News on websites

Parliamentary Election Coverage by Mongolian People’s Party

Public news (Ардын мэдээ)

TM Television

FM Radio voice

If you would love to see more, Please visit my youtube channel.



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