China Tour

Before I came here in China, I saw China’s tourist attraction at one of the Mongolian websites named as I have never believed China has such beautiful places. Once I saw it, I have totally absorbed it. When I came to here, I have promised myself, I must see all of these. Successfully I have already visited six of 31 places in last year. Including Guilin, Yang Shou, Zhang Jiang, Li River, Panjing(Red beach), LaoLongTou (ending point of the Great Wall) and the Great Wall.

A benefit of learning some Chinese, I am able to find those places. After gathering some detail information of that list, I remade the trip list including 13 provinces of China, more than 30 places. I suppose to get this tour within this two years. It takes more than two months. If you want to join me. Just visit my China tour plan.


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