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My reportage and coverage as a journalist

Ар Монголоос Өвөр Монголд

Монголчууд ар, өвөр гэж хуваагдаад 70 даруй жил болжээ. Энэ хооронд бид өсч үржиж, харин тэд цөөрсөөр, соёлоо хадгалж үлдэхийн төлөө чимээгүй тэмцсээр… Харамсалтай нь аливаа их үндэстэнд бага ястан уусдагийн жишгээр өнөөдөр өвөрмонголчууд дунд Монголоор ярьдаг хүн улам бүр л цөөрсөөр…

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Interview: My passion about journalism

GBJ students come from every continent (Antarctica excepted) – More than 60 countries in the program’s first decade. For a new Q&A series, we’ll ask different ones about what drew them to the media industry, journalism in their home countries, and how they’ll use skills they learn at Tsinghua to shape the future of news.

Narantungalag Enkhtur, 26, is a first-year student in the GBJ program from Mongolia. She grew up near where the Gobi Desert meets the Altai Mountains and worked several jobs in the Mongolian journalism industry – for radio, print, television, and online outlets, including Bloomberg TV Mongolia – before moving to Beijing last year. She studied Chinese at Beijing Normal University prior to enrolling at Tsinghua University.

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Tsinghua’s ballerinas with foils get a stab at “physical chess”

October 24, 2017, By Naanga

 Beijing, China (Tsinghua) – The groan and clank of swords come from a fencing hall, south-east part of Tsinghua’s Comprehensive Gymnasium. A single wall of the hall is fully adorned with fencing equipped, including blades, masks and jackets hanging on the wardrobes and these staffs are using no end for team preparation, daily course works, association’s practice, and athletes training.

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Shark Tank comes into Mongolia

Shark Tank launched in Mongolia, in early October. Based on the original American Broadcasting Company‘s TV series – Shark Tank, aspiring entrepreneur-contestants make a pitch to the investors, who then choose whether to invest. Tselmuun.N, Vice President for Trading and Finance, “Mongolyn Alt” (MAK)LLC, Tumengerel.S, General Director of Uguuj Chiher Book LLC, Amartuvshin.H, President of XacBank Mongolia, Chinbat.L, General Director of Gatsuurt LLC, and Ariunbold.L, General Director, Mongol Bazalt LLC are selected as “shark” by Mongol HD. Shark Tank Mongolia, season one, will broadcasts on Mongol HD every Sunday from Oct, 8. In my viewpoint, Shark tank Mongolia brings to deepening understanding difficulty of the entrepreneur, sharpening viewers who have some business idea to gets off to the grounds, and raising public awareness to do business angles.

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