Testing ZAo – AI facial replacement

The first time, I’ve heard about Zao app, I feel kind of suspicious about it. But my curiosity led me to try it. Now I am quite satisfied with the result after swiping my face with film characters. Zao makes me a movie star with only few clicks. I played several films just blinking my eyes(Joking) I’ve never expected such great result from deep fake facial replacement. AI already beyond the expectations. I swapped Taylor SwiftEmma WatsonKeira Knightley, Beth Ann of #why_women_kill @CBS, If you feel curious like me, please check this video! As you may hear about the Chinese #ZAO app, deepfake facial replacement app, goes viral recently. Except for video facial replacement, you can create your own GIP! Enjoy your fun adventures with Zao! Click here to download Zoo app!

Because of copyright issues, the video is blocked by Youtube. You can check this video on http://www.youku.com or just click here.
Swapped my face on Queen Ravenna of Snow White and Huntsman #Charlize Theron #Fake #ZAO
Swapped my face on Elizabeth Swann (starring #Keira Knightley) on Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl #Fake #ZAO
Swapped my face on Kristen Steward #Fake #ZAO

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