What’s new around the Qingdao summit

Vice-ministerial meeting of SCO Afghanistan Liaison Group in Beijing will be held in Beijing in May. Moreover, meetings of political parties, tourism ministers, supreme court judges and the journalists of respective countries supposed to be held before the summit.

After 17 years later, SCO summit comes back to the birthplace. It is not only a new starting point for the organization, but also as a new milestone in the history of the SCO with eight full members attending the Summit including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and India. The reason why Pakistan and India became full members since last year. China pays massive attention to the Qingdao summit which regards SCO as one of its diplomatic priorities. Also, it considered as one of the four major international conferences to be held in China in this year. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is cooperating with Xi over the North Korean issue, is expected to attend the SCO summit. Also, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to participate in the Qingdao Summit, according to India’s local media report.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is thought to try to boost his “One Belt, One Road” economic-zone initiative. Before the summit, all parties have been agreed to continue strengthening cooperation in law enforcement and security and reached several agreements which have been included in the signing of 14 separate documents. For example outline of plans for the next five years and cooperation. Besides, the parties will likely to discuss the possibility to Improve influence of SCO in an international framework and submit draft documents around fighting extremism, and terrorism to Qingdao Summit, according to Chinese Foreign Ministers’ speeches.


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