Strange things you can buy from Taobao

Strange things you can buy from Taobao | by Naanga

    Netizens across China partake in the e-commerce frenzy that is the Singles Day Sale on November 11th, regardless of their relationship status. 11/11 online shopping sales reached RMB 168 billion (US$ 25 bn) with an increase of 39% YoY. More than 140,000 brands and hundreds of millions of consumers will participate in 11/11 this year. You can find almost anything – from the weird to the hilarious –for sale on the Taobao site. Here are some things you can actually buy on Taobao.

Collar allows your dog to speak

Do you remember Dug, who is one of the characters of Disney and Pixar’s 2009 film Up? A golden retriever can communicate with humans through a device on his collar which was invented by his master. The collar which allows your dog to speak has been made into an actual product and is sold on Taobao.

Learn to consciously control your soul within 30 days

If you want to feel an out-of-body experience, you can buy a test from Taobao for only one yuan. It sounds hard to believe, but 400 people have already bought and tried it. One of the customers shared his experience and said “I bought this product with an excited mood, then received it and followed the instructions. I’ve been practising for 15 days now. “When I sleep, I feel like I’m floating and also dream something which will happen the next day. I have just felt the out-of-body experience. Nothing to say,  I’m going to practice!”

iPhone box for sale

Are you ready to buy an iPhone only 45 yuan? This iPhone box is full of surprises. It is the best gift for astounding someone, isn’t it?

11.12.17TAOBAONAANGA11Giant nose soap dispenser

This shower gel dispenser, which is modelled by Jackie Chan’s nose will make a hilarious gag gift. If you put a bottle of green shower gel into the dispenser, it makes your bath time more fun.

Largest product for sale on Taboo

What is the largest product you can buy from Taobao? Taobao’s judicial sales platform is offering a Boeing cargo aircraft for the first time. The auction price will start at 123 million to 135 million yuan each on Nov, 20. After failing six times on offline auction within the last two years, three Boeing 747s have finally received bids. These aircraft were seized by a court in Shenzhen after its owner Jade Cargo filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

The list could be lasting on Trumps’ mask, mosquitos, women flatulence and kid’s urine so on. You can buy anything on Taobao, with a product count of around 760 million. 


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