Shark Tank comes into Mongolia

Shark Tank launched in Mongolia, in early October. Based on the original American Broadcasting Company‘s TV series – Shark Tank, aspiring entrepreneur-contestants make a pitch to the investors, who then choose whether to invest. Tselmuun.N, Vice President for Trading and Finance, “Mongolyn Alt” (MAK)LLC, Tumengerel.S, General Director of Uguuj Chiher Book LLC, Amartuvshin.H, President of XacBank Mongolia, Chinbat.L, General Director of Gatsuurt LLC, and Ariunbold.L, General Director, Mongol Bazalt LLC are selected as “shark” by Mongol HD. Shark Tank Mongolia, season one, will broadcasts on Mongol HD every Sunday from Oct, 8. In my viewpoint, Shark tank Mongolia brings to deepening understanding difficulty of the entrepreneur, sharpening viewers who have some business idea to gets off to the grounds, and raising public awareness to do business angles.

FYI: Previously, Mongol HD successfully implemented Mongolia’s Got Talent, and it achieves country’s highest ever television ratings. Now they are also working on Voice Show to air in Mongolia.

“An idea is planting a thousand mind at one time, who runs it first, always win.”

What I learnt from my failure related to Shark Tank?

Even Shark Tank Mongolia has just aired their very first session in Mongolia. One and half year ago, I received a proposal to launch Shark Tank model into Mongolia. I happily accepted it, and start working hards. I had charged by full of aspiration, have never seen such profitable model for TV series, utterly win-win cooperation. We named our company Mongolian Business Development Corporation and me and my team members trying to build the whole models.


I discovered my unhidden capacity, and I can take the long view, I can think and macro-level. The initial proposal based on the show, but I change it into the real business field. As Chief Executive Officer of Mongolian Business Development Corporation, I have determined our companies’ vision. I have imagined my company model like as private equity funds, which works investing business, find, research some potential industry which suits investors need and mentoring mid-range of companies to compete to a new level.

Black eye

As a result of half month promotion through Facebook, we received a bunch of business ideas. Also signed on several MOU with Development Solution, Start-Up Mongolia NGO’s and Mongolian Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, under the wave of the Parliamentary election, our investors are reached to leave Mongolia. Dishonest partners put my whole business on the line. Everything which I started is still on the last legs, that situation gave a black eye to my reputation. Finally, I turn someone like a lier.


I observed Mongolian business industry is an infant. There is plenty of space for business to play in Mongolian market, especially in the industrial sector. Once you decide to be a player in the entrepreneur industry, you must be the critical thinker. I was not, just simple-hearted one. I was not ready for that significant opportunity, my partners too. In our life, we could meet tonnes of opportunity. When the most significant opportunity comes to you, it is prominent how well you prepared to catch it up.


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