Movie review: Beauty and the Beast

Once in my childhood memory, the movie titled as Beauty and Beast is always the best ever movie in my life even the new edition of Disney too.

Maybe every girl thinks herself as a princess including me. Because my first love history is related to that story. The boy who loved me and I loved him is called “Beast”. So my friend always tells me our love story related to that my story. (I was so ashamed…. Smile)

The story of Beauty of Beast has always imagined in my mind Disney’s cartoon edition. Now it turns into real life after I watched the last version. Really like it. Finally, I realize that what is the mean idea of that story is it.

First, it is the story of to teach us how to love each other. Even how people ugly as is not matter. Just realize the internal person and love them. For the movie site and Beast and Bella both loves to read, for Caston, he will always not Bella’s type. A person who has one interest easily to understand each other. Once you have seen someone’s internal person how beautiful is the main idea. Caston and Beast roles’ director and editor tries to show paradox

Caston looks handsome, villages girls like him excluding Bella, but his internal person is truly the beast. How to prove it:

  • He tries to kill Bella’s father
  • He abets the villagers to attack Castle to kill Beast
  • Once in the battlefields he leave his friend
  • Ending scene Beast release to him to go, instead of going he shoot the Beast

On the other hand, beast learn to how to love people

  • When his mother dies because of illness, his hearth turn into frozen completely, nothing seems to uninteresting
  • But when he meets Bella, fall in love, and seeing how beautiful life is,
  • Beast looks awful outside, but his inside how wonderful is it.

When I was a kid, never observe the mean idea of that movie is. I have just thought that it is just one kind of love story, But it is not. The main idea of that movie tries to show us how to be human, how to being beautiful outside even inside too.

Decoration and clothes make up music and words every detail of the movie is perfectly combined each other.


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