Movie Review: La La Land

The musical movie really touchable may be the first ever best and meaningful musical movie to watch in my life.

It is almost at midnight at one Friday of my life when I have just finished watching the La La Land at our school’s movie website. Maybe I could just go to sleep instead of wearing my clothes to sitting on my desk due to write some comment about La La Land!

It is quite touchable because it seems like might be same as my life in some aspects. Not quite, really touchable. The show me that how is my hubbies feelings, my life is quickly sparked in front of my eyes. On another side, I was back to my teens when I had just met my first love. I am no doubt about the movie why they win massive tones of awards.

Recently I have been attracting art. I wish to learn all things like fine arts, symphonies, guitar, piano, and movies.  It feels like our community just focusing on the different kind of screens, they chasing chaotic things, searching almost useless things due to feeding their spirit.  I might turn into self-contained one. Perhaps I am going to become serious-minded one instead of rattle-box. I have just wanted to write down everything in mind.

Okay, now turns into the main topic. So what is the main clue of La La Land? It really doesn’t matter what kind of path you walk through, the very tiny decision you make today can be lead your future life. Also, they tried to tell the importance of honesty as your dream. If you had some who can push you to reach your dreams, you could be the luckiest one. What a wonderful, isn’t it?

Even no audience in the hall, when you were at a stage, even to readers who never follow your blog just focus your goal. Don’t live being liked to others, just live in yourself. I made many sacrifices to educate myself including leave happy family life, time with my son, and lose my career etc. So I must try all my best.

To talk about the shooting, the harmony of color really beautiful, nuances of sound effect so accurate. I really love it.


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